Monday, October 6, 2014

Announcing an Outlander Dreams Blog Party Date Change!!!!!!!!

You are Cordially Invited to our first Outlander Dreams Blog Party, hosted by the Outlander Blogging Community on Facebook! We hope you will join us for lots of witchy, Samhain fun that would   put even Geillis Duncan to shame!

Good Evening to all of you! This post is to announce a date change for the Outlander Dreams Blogging Party that is sponsored by the Outlander Blogging Community!  
Instead of being held on Wednesday the 8th, our Outlander Blog Party will be held on October the 31!

Samhain 2014!

We apologize to all for this inconvenience but it couldn't be helped. At the last minute Beth Schreibman Gehring of Outlander Love Affair (Blog PartyAdmin)  found out that a book publishing deadline that was supposed to be in late November was pushed to October the 23rd for very exciting reasons that I'm sure that she'll announce later. So, last week, she jumped on her broom and flew westward to California to get away for a bit so that she could finish writing. We thought that we might still be able to continue with our plans but alas...we feel like we're not ready and we want to bring you the very best blog party ever!

So we decided to have some fun and knowing that we would need to postpone it,  we picked the most magical day of the year and the one that we Outlander fans are the most passionate about for the most obvious reasons!

This does mean  that there's even more time for you to put on your witches hat, your fanciest cape and come up with a fabulous Outlander Dreams Post. You don't have to have an Outlander themed blog to enter...just a passion for all things Outlander!

Once again here are the rules!

We all have our favorite Outlander Fantasies and dreams...I dream of escaping into the warmth of the parlor at Lallybroch to meet all of my friends to make art and magic, jewelry and shortbread while drinking tea and wearing tartan....all while sitting by a roaring fire with a dram of my favorite whisky, Jamie Fraser and my hounds by my side.  

So many of us have been enjoying the same dream for so many years,  so lets have a lot of fun crafting and creating,  meet each other and share our Outlander Dreams!

What are your Outlander Dreams? You can share them with all of us in so many ways.....Virtual Wedding presents for Jamie and Claire, A whiskey tasting party, set up the Lairds bedroom.....have a Hogmonay Party, show us some Outlander inspired jewelry, crafts or decor, take a blogging tour of the Scottish Highlands, dinner with Jenny and Ian, dancing around the stone circle on Samhain.......whatever you come up with.....just have FUN doing it!!!

Date: The date is set for October the 31st,  at Craigh na Dun underneath what is sure to be a glorious Samhain Moon!

Place: Post a link to your blog in the comments section of this post and I will add your name on the sidebar. On October the 31st check our sidebar for a complete listing and jump onto your broom to go visit everybody and see just what kind of magical Outlander Dreams they've had! 

The Rules:

1. Place the Party picture on the sidebar of your blog 

2. Spread the word 

3. If you sign up and decide you can't participate then please send me an email at  so we can remove you from the list. 

4. Have your submission posted by October the 30th so that it will be up and ready for our international participants. 

5. Please leave a link to your blog and your email address in the comments section of this post. If you don't see your name listed on the sidebar within 3 days....please message us so that we can make sure it gets put on there.

6. Follow us on Twitter at @OutlanderParty

7. HAVE FUN!!!!

We can't wait to share your Outlander Dreams.......More surprises to come because what would a blog party be without a few giveaways! Keep checking back for more updates!

Slainte Mhath!
From all of us at The Outlander Blog Community

I have no idea who to originally attribute this photograph too but it's not mine...


  1. I love this idea!

  2. Am I too late? I hope not!

    1. Not at all!!!!!!!! Please share with your friends!

  3. Sounds like a spookalicious evening. Would not want to miss.